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Passionate founders get our attention

We harness new-age consumer and technology trends in the beauty and wellness space to help transform promising brands into sector leaders.

We combine both the discipline of private equity with the long-term mindset of a family business.

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Our winning formula



We partner with passionate founders who have a clear vision, authentic leadership and an unwavering commitment to scale their ambition.



We prioritise product efficacy as a core differentiator, evidenced by consumer reviews, market research, focus groups and clinical trials.



We invest in companies that benefit from our smart capital, operational expertise, and global networks to support their next growth phase.

Investment Criteria

1. A strong USP with unique positioning in the luxury and/or premium market

2. The capability to adapt to a digital world, embracing e-commerce and D2C models

3. Revenues between $5mm-$25mm

4. The potential for significant profitable top line growth

5. High underlying gross margins – minimum 70%

6. A passion for people and planet – with a focus on sustainability & diversity

We work closely with our portfolio brands to drive sustainable, profitable growth with our industry-leading expertise, smart-capital and established partnerships.

Areas we invest in

Farm to Face

Farm to face philosophy means skin care products that are good for the planet as well as good for the skin. Brands that use ingredients that are sustainably grown and harvested, minimizing environmental impact and with proven efficacy and results.


Beauty Tech

Beauty Tech is an emerging tech trend encompassing AI and AR-powered virtual try-on technologies and diagnostics, that enhance both the users experience as well as the product efficacy.


Lab Born Science

Lab born science is the answer for an evermore highly demanding consumer with products that are formulated with the latest scientific breakthroughs to enhance efficacy, and claims are backed by real science and clinical studies.


Inside-Out Wellness

Inside out wellness is all about enhancing yourself from the inside to be better on the outside, this includes ingestible supplements which come the form of a pill, liquid, or powder that is formulated to benefit the skin, nails, or hair of a person.


Sustainable Beauty

Consumers today are demanding more clarity and transparency on a brand's values and sustainability claims. This is leading to brands emerging with highly differentiated products that merge sustainability with efficacy.

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With people living longer, there is a need for better health enhancing science for a better life. This includes tools to better understand biological age vs chronological age, and products to enhance your biological age.